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Inquieta Cia.

Inquieta (Restless) dance theater company was created in 2012 with the urge of mixing different languages and different people, what drives the works through unframed paths. Research, creation, collectivity and formation became, therefore,  more fundamental axes than the work definition.

To reflect upon Inquieta as a company is to make a turn over territories, to highlight edges or sidewalks of Fortaleza city, maybe to apprehend what is open far more than what is closed. To relinquish what is instituted, solid, patriarchal, and to bet on vulnerabilities of the body and the of the meetings with others is our interest.

We are restless for collective creations and works able to mobilize artistic field and society. Among our shows are: Metrópole (Metropolis, 2012), Esconderijo dos Gigantes (Giants’  Hideaway, 2015), e PRA FRENTE O PIOR (WORSTWARD ON, 2016). Since 2016, investigations around THE WORST has resulted in different works, as the performative installation Derivações do PIOR (Derivations of THE WORST), a photo exhibition Ainda PIOR de Novo (Still WORST Again) and Arquivo do PIOR (The File of the WORST), published on Vazantes magazine after the invitation of UFC (Federal University of Ceará), what brought us back to our researches. Inquieta company also promotes formation, coordinating residencies, courses, debates, meetings and performances-workshops.

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Gyl Giffony

+55 (85) 99754.2380

Andrei Bessa

+55 (85) 99918.3535

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