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|| Sinopse

People digging their own end will be like people digging their own end.


Step by step, a group sketches a path ahead. Always ahead, they mess with conviviality pacts, and, even still, remain as a group, a tribe, a community, society… creating, fighting ahead, hopelessly. Ahead but faithless. Ahead as an ethical imperative. A body that no longer bear and still remains. Ahead. To the end.


WORSTWARD ON is the creative flux without a central character in its origin – that is, no director, playwriter or choreographer. It is partly made of a dialogue between Marcelo Evelin and Thereza Rocha. A vertiginous dramaturgy, an intense search for going deep on a way of doing starting from one action only, remaining in this action. From insistence a space is open to several readings.

|| Tchnical Sheet 

Performers: Andréia Pires, Andrei Bessa, Geane Albuquerque, Gyl Giffony, Lucas Galvino, Wellington Fonseca

Colaborative performers: Rafael Abreu e Melindra Lindra

Assessment: Marcelo Evelin

Dramaturgic Colaboration: Thereza Rocha

Sound: Uirá dos Reis

Set: Inquieta Cia. e Caroline Holanda

Costumes: Isac Sobrinho e Mallkon Araújo

Lighting: Inquieta Cia. e Walter Façanha

Graphic Project: Andrei Bessa

Photos: Chun, Igor Cavalcante Moura, Éden Barbosa, Rômulo Juracy e Thiago Sabino

Lenght 50 minutes

Rating 16 years-old

|| Critics

The work is touching violence, sometimes euphoric. Always continuous, and although at times it seems muffle, it is never settled. Moving on, even if we fall apart. It is the utmost metaphor for the human condition as they show us.

Henrique Rochelle, dance critic.


Forwards the Worst does not involve making believe. There is the work: alive and present. Figurative language and demonstrative movement do not fit, and the six performers know it. The work gains power precisely by sincere repetition, by spontaneous movement. The show is only worth the sweat spilled onstage. That’s all.

Renato Abê, O Povo

|| Sataff and needs

Scenic space

The spectacle takes place with proximity between the audience and the scenic space. We suggest an area of at least 11 meters of extension in which performers will move themselves.


Audience seats 

Bleachers or comfortable chairs in increasing levels, to assure the public a good view of the scene. 


Installation time - 5 hours

Technical rehearsal - 1 hour

Desinstallation time - 1 hora

Scenery transportation

04 volumes: 2 linoleum pieces ; 2 zinc pieces which are the scenery walls. Due to the heavy weight of this last material, we suggest transportation by land or its buying in the presentation city.




Sound rider and Lightening and stage map



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